We work together to solve the world’s most complex problems by putting people at the center of everything we do. Similar to a mentoring format, we collaborate using on-line tools combined with your local activity / field work, or we can work hand-in-hand from planing, research, ideation to prototyping combining desktop and field work.


Learn how to use a creative process at work. Here are a set of different formats: Take on-line course (coming soon). Or on-site take a one day intro: understand basic concepts and start using practical tools. Two or Three day overview: experience a high-speed practical course. Five day immersion: learn by doing, live the full process in first hand.


Create awareness by spreading the message. Share experience and case studies on-line through webinars, interviews or other. Attend conferences, deliver keynotes or any other format at any kind of venues.



Collaborate in a mentoring format, on-line.


We work locally, hand-in-hand.


“Tiago was our companion (not a teacher) throughout the weeklong Design Thinking workshop at EPHOS masters pharma school. He accompanied us and guided us through the process of design, teaching us how to get the best of ourselves, spreading his open-minded attitude, constantly motivating and helping us search for new perspectives. His work at the school has marked us all and has given us new tools to improve both our work and personal life.”

Antonio Seijas Sainz Strategic consulting and innovation at Clover-SGM

“Tiago was part of the team of Soulsight that my employer at the time, AXA, chose to innovate and redefine some products and services. Tiago facilitated a lot the creative process, questioning us about the fundamentals, abstracting and keeping the essence, feeling and committed to the project, I truly believe he still keeps part of that project inside. I think he keeps a little bit of every project and life experience, turning it into a learning opportunity that he then applies in his next challenge, adding thus, a lot of value to the end product. Positive thinker, creative, committed with the society. Inspiring to work with.”

Begoña San José
Begoña San José Head of Parnterships & Business Development at AXA

“Visionary, entrepreneur, sensitive, revolutionary. Convinced to change the world through Design. Convinced of the creativity of human beings. Always open to new experiences and new knowledge. Opportunities connector, people connector, ideas connector, experiences connector. Reflective, critical. Autonomous, flexible, adaptable. Its international and multicultural background enrich any workbench, any project. Rich in experience and experiences.”

Mireya Juárez
Mireya Juárez Design Research & Strategic Design Consultant-Advisor

About me

I was born in Portugal and raised in an international environment; three continents (Africa, Asia, Europe) and eleven countries later, adaptation skills, negotiating complex environments and broad-mindedness have become part of me. This journey has shaped me to think globally/holistically as well as being empathic, sensitive to emotions, the smallest details that matter.
As a globetrotter and 21st century world citizen, I love discovering new cultures/spaces and meeting new people. I see myself as an eternal optimist that believes in the power of Creativity (+social +business +technology) to overcome the world's wickedest/pressing problems. I consider myself a social designer. As such, I navigate different fields of Design (design thinking, service design, design research, business design, user experience) putting these at the service of social development. My intention is to work with organizations striving toward the new paradigm, building together --project by project, step by step-- a better present and future for the common good.

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